• How much do Carpetsaurus Suits cost

$125, which includes shipping & fees

  • Why has the price gone up
    The cost of supplies and the cost of shipping has increased since both the first and second print runs

  • What payment methods are accepted
    Debit card, credit card, Paypal, & Venmo

  • How long does shipping take
    Before the pandemic it took 3-4 months after we place an order with our manufacturer for you to receive your rex. With global shipping delays, we expect it will take a little longer this year. Regardless, we will have them for next Dragon Con.

  • How long will orders stay open

Orders will stay open through October 11th.

  • Are there refunds/exchanges

There is a 30 day window upon receipt of your suit in which you can exchange it if there are defects. However, the suits are non-refundable.

  • What is included with the suit
    These suits come with one fan that can be used with batteries or USB, and come with two hand covers and feet cover flaps that are all sewn on to the suit (so you don't have to worry about losing your hands!)

  • What size is the suit
    These are very very similar to the standard Rubies T-Rex suit, so if those fit you, this should too. I am 5'4" and find it fits me fine, though other 5'4" people have said they find the window slightly too high. Up to 6'5" and up to 250 lbs should likely also be okay.

  • Does the pattern match at the seams
    Due to the manufacturing process, the pattern cannot match at the seams. We have reduced the size of the pattern somewhat in order to still provide the iconic look.

  • What about international orders
    International shipping is much more expensive. International orders may be picked up at the following Dragon Con, or can cover the additional shipping charges on a case-by-case basis (likely $30-60 additional in shipping). Please do not click the paypal link if you are international. Instead, email me at BossOpossumStudios@gmail.com