Fan Death

Inflatable suit fan motors have a tendency to burn out after several days of use. Fortunately, replacements are cheap and easy to acquire. If you're planning on rexxing over the course of a full weekend or at any event where you hate the idea of not being able to inflate, it's a good idea to carry a spare fan or two. Links below.

If you have two fans on your suit and one of your fans burns out, the other one will not save you. Now that you've added a second fan, you've also added a large hole to your suit. If that fan isn't running, and air the other fan is bringing in will just go out the other hole.

I have heard that the larger green and white fans included in the Spooktacular Creations brand costumes have a longer lifespan (and probably a more robust motor).

One rexer has created a set of instructions for building your own fan. I will look to include those directions here at a later date.

If you have an orange fan and it's motor died on you, I would love it if you'd estimate how many hours it ran before that happened!

Hopefully I can use this info to estimate when people should plan on having a replacement on hand.

Please don't fill out the form for how long your fan lasted before the batteries died, only the motor.

Also, please don't fill this out if you have a green or white fan.