Staying Cool & Hydrated

Photo Credit: Donna Baker

It's getting hot in here!

If you spend much time in a rex at all, you'll find yourself drenched in sweat. The suits have a way of turning into a sauna, especially if you're running around or getting into hijinks. There are several things you are going to want to consider to help mitigate this.

  • HYDRATE! Drink lots of water. I recommend wearing a full hydration backpack (Camelbak, etc) inside the suit so you can drink while you rex. I like to start off with ice cubes in my water bladder so the water is also cool, and the bag is slightly cool on my back. If you get a bag with storage, you can also pack your rex and accessories in it before and after. Link below.

  • Wear a rechargeable neck fan! Some will even run while being plugged into the same powerbank as your fans (assuming you have enough powerbank usb slots). It won't make you actually cool, but the air flow does help. Link below.

  • Speaking of air flow, a second fan can help cool down the inside a little as well, especially if the area you're in is air conditioned.

  • Wear minimal clothing. Make sure it is lightweight and moisture wicking.

  • Take breaks! If you don't want to completely exit the suit, you can pull the zipper down part of the way and stick you head or your whole upper torso out of the suit while still staying inflated. Enjoy that fresh air or air conditioning for a moment.

  • Some people have installed a third fan around the neck or chin area of the suit, so they have fresh air blowing directly on their heads.

  • You can always take the rex gloves off to help lose excess heat via your hands.

This is my favourite rexxing backpack.

It has a 2-liter water bladder, 2 interior zipper pockets, one open front pocket, and two mesh side pockets.

With the water bladder empty, I can fit two deflated T-rex suits, four sparre fans, my neck fan, extra batteries, defogging spray, and other small accessories.

With the water bladder full, I'd probably just remove three of the spare fans.

I like to put my power bank in the front or side mesh pockets and run my two suit fans and personal neck fan from that.

Of course, there are lots of other hydration backpacks available, including CamelBak brand, but I am particularly pleased with the storage on this one.

There are multiple good options for neck fans (Amazon link here). I have an old one that's similar to the cheap red one above but with no LEDs. I like that that one is flexible, so I can aim the fans where I want. Some of these will run while charging and some won't; it's best to check the Q&A and review sections for that info.